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Rick Ruppenthal, 30 year retired Paramedic, Mental Health Educator, Transformative Coach, and Certified Change Practitioner
Facilitator for Respect Canada

“Experience amazing well-being, peace of mind, and freedom no matter what the circumstances.”

“All we are is peace, love, and wisdom, and the power to create the illusion that we are not.” – Jack Pransky

“There is nothing you need to do, be, get, have, change, practice, or learn in order to be happy loving and whole.” – Michael Neill

“In the same way that you need to stop talking to hear what others are saying, you need to stop thinking in order to find what life is all about.” – Alan Watts

“Concentrate on yourself. – – – Whatever you are, is all you can give away. That’s very simple. You open your wallet you have a dollar: That’s all you can give away. You open your mind and it’s full of anger, hate and distrust, sadness: That’s all you can give away. But if your mind’s full of love, that’s what you can give.” – Sydney Banks

“The Three Principles is not a self-improvement course, trying to improve what is. Rather, it is understanding the nature of what is.” – Dr. Dicken Bettinger

Regardless of whether you have been given a diagnostic label for mental distress or not, I have not met anyone who doesn’t want a life of peace and well-being.


I help responders return back to their innate well-being and resilience by connecting them to their psychological nature with their spiritual nature, through conversations on the understanding of Three Principles or as some call, the Inside-Out Understanding. (Mind, Consciousness, and Thought)

Clients have gained a greater sense of self-confidence; less worry, less stress; joy and freedom; better and easier decision making; more presence in their relationships.

Due to Covid-19, all sessions are conducted over ZOOM over a series of coaching conversations (non-therapeutic). The number of sessions is total dependent on the client.

Email me or book a free conversation to learn how I can help you get back to being yourself again.


All workshops can be tailored to your needs. They could be team, departmental, a group, or an entire organization. Let’s discuss your needs and where I can help by either calling or emailing me.

Workshops themes include but not limited to:

  • Personal Effectiveness
  • Team Effectiveness
  • Leadership Effectiveness
  • Communications
  • Performance Management
  • Public Speaking and Presentation Skills


It could be a 20 to 45 minute Lunch’n Learn or a keynote presentation up two hours in length, tailored to your audience themed towards mental health and well-being through the understanding of the nature of thought and how are experiences are created.

Got something in mind? Contact me discuss and lets collaborate.

Some of my past presentation titles were:

  • Understanding the Leader in You
  • What is the connection of our Psychological Nature and our Spiritual Nature
  • The Psychology of Self-Understanding
  • Profiling Your Personality
  • Adapting and Connecting
  • Systems Thinking
  • What is that One Thing
  • Faith, Trust and the Micro Manager
  • A Bus Driver, a Student, and a Golfer
  • Why Good People Make Bad Decisions

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