“If the only thing people learned was not to be afraid of their own experience, that alone would change the world.” ~ Syd Banks



The Three Principles were first articulated by Sydney Banks in the early 70’s. Discover his books and video lectures here.


Videos of Practitioners and People Who Have Been Helped

Sharing Stories & Statistics of Real Change from The Real Change Portal


The Missing Link for Veterans – PTSD
A collaboration of readings from the Sydney Banks book, The Missing Link read by veterans for veterans.
The recordings took place over two years, with the hope that the videos will point serving personnel, veterans and their families who have suffered trauma through war or conflict to a place of peace found within.
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Mental Health with Dr. Bill Petit, board-certified psychiatrist and advocate for mental health and sharing the understanding that there is one cause – and one cure – for mental illness.
Listen to his Podcast – Stories of Hope

IMPACT Studies

Evidence of Impact

Evidence based research and studies on the impact The Three Principles continues to have around the world.

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Case Studies

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